Friday, November 17, 2006

Boise Steelhead part4; I got it!

I went the P.C. hole just for a change in today's lunch time.

There was a little rain, and no anglers around there.

After several casts, my indicator disappeared slowly. I could hook him. He tugged so strong, and jumped many times. I was so excited, you know!

He wouldn't give up easily and it took at least 15min by my watch to catch him. And he bit not the egg but the nymph.

Though the length was short as the steelhead(24.5inch/62cm), he fought so powerful. Even I used #8 weight tacke, my both arms became numb.

Yes, it was definitely STEEL's tug, I've almost forgot it.
I think my STEEL season has just begun.

My daughter was also excited to see him.


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