Friday, November 17, 2006

Boise Steelhead part3; change the policy and nightmare...

I changed the my policy to use the indicator, nymph, and egg dropper.

The reason why I changed was that I experienced many short bites to my swinging wet fly and it was difficult to set the hook them.
I thought the carried STEEL was so spooky, and they were so nervous to the any flies. And I believed the indicator could catch short bite easily.

So from this morning, I used the new strategy to catch the first STEEL.

After a few cast, my indicator faded surely. So I set the hook strongly.

I felt the strong tug from it, so I was pretty sure that it was my first STEEL. But I was so disappointed as soon as I saw his face.

He was definitely ugly SUCKER. He didn't bite the egg as a dropper but the nymph.

After that I caught some resident raibow and white fish.

And the last 10 minites to my morning fishing end time, I saw my indicator sank slowly.
I raised my pole a little, then the STEEL jumped up and escaped from my poor hooking!!

Oh boy!!! I should have set a hook so strongly as I do usually!!!

It was really my regret, but I felt my hypothesis was right.

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