Sunday, April 05, 2009

After 5 days,

we had a special lunch for celebration of our 8th wedding anniversary today.

She gave us several special letters of congratulation, right one was one of them. Thanks, sweetie! You have good tender heart.

We had good time and lunch there. It was first visit to this restaurant for us though, must be one of our favorite now.

Afternoon, we took a drive to ASHINOKO lake. It was still early spring there, but many crazy fishermen were there for their dream fish. I was just there also as lure fisherman, about 5 years ago, before leaving for Boise.


Unknown pretty brown bird. If you have good guess, please let me know.

Must be one of woodpecker species, my guess was KOGERA. Now we had been getting bird watcher, so we bought handy bird guide today.

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