Saturday, April 25, 2009

Findings in the rain; 2nd fishing trip to OSHINO

Weather: Just rainy day
Fishing time: 9-13, had to quit it because of heavy rain and muddy stream
Caught: 10 ( 5 Rainbow, 5 YAMAME)

Hatch: Midge, Baetis, ONASHI stonefly
Hit Fly: Pheasant tail nymph, White marabou, Baetis parachute, Midge adult, Griffith's Gnat , Midge parachute, Baetis crippled dun

Though it was raining from the early morning, I didn't change my plan to be there.
First one was small rainbow by Pheasant tail nymph

4th one was fantastic colored bow by White Marabou.

I found several rises just under the bridge, where wasn't affected by rain drops.

And I could land 5 YAMAME trout there by various dry fly! It was a kind of miracle for me. I believe that rainy day and a little colored water reduced fishing pressure.

3rd YAMAME by Griffith's Gnat.

5th YAMAME by Baetis crippled dun.

I usually don't like rainy day very much, but must thank it for giving these YAMAME today.

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