Sunday, April 12, 2009

Walking to the nearby park

together, except her riding bike.

We were still perfect weather today also, like early summer.

It was first to see a small white butterfly for us this spring.

This mallard seemed to be so sleepy.

This left pic itself was not good one though, first shot of TSUGUMI(thrush) for me. It is winter bird here, and likely can be seen from October to May.

A bulbul was sucking nectar from cherry blossom eagerly .

These wagtail were also my first shot. Right one was HAKUSEKIREI(white wagtail), and the bottom was KISEKIREI(yellow wagtail). They did wag their tail so often as its name.

By the way, I opened new label 'Wild Birds' today on this blog. Because I feel that I'm getting a bird freak so quickly.

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