Friday, April 10, 2009

Like early summer; 4th trip to KANOGAWA water system

Kawkoi-san and his friend A-san was today's guest to KANOGAWA. We met again after 1 year and 9 month.

I got a little nervous, because they were almost professional fly fishermen. I was wondering how could I guide them at KANOGAWA.

Before I joined them, they likely had good time for severe rises in early morning.

It was too hot as spring, just like early summer. Highest temp was over 25C(77F).

The view of mountain was my favorite. Pink and light green colors were well harmonized.

At second hole, kawkoi-san got good size AMAGO trout, which was rising for KOKAGE's hatch.
About me, got four KAWAMUTSU(Dark Chub). Maybe it was first time for me to catch them.
Some fishermen usually treat them roughly, because they are not target fish. I don't like such a selfish and arrogant behavior.

One branch stream also kept silence...
In the evening, I found good one's rises. They were not stable and continuous and it was hard to identify what they were feeding.
I tried several pattern, which imitated HIRATA, KOKAGE and caddis, but they ignored them completely...

It was definitely tough day today though, I had good time there with two expert fishermen. Hopefully we should meet again at OSHINO next time.

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