Thursday, May 31, 2007

Trip to Florida; Disney Animal Kingdom (Orlando)

According to Mapquest, it seemed to take about four hours between Miami and Orlando by car. Which meant we had to wake up very early and leave Miami for Orlando.

We left our hotel approximately 6:30AM, and made use of Florida's Turnpike(Toll). Though it took about $14, yet it was very comfortable.

I was surprised by its service area. It was equipped very well like Japanese one.

On the way to Orlando, I was bothered by black flying bug because of its breeding season. Like above pic, my car's windshield became dirty soon.

I found a kind of unique equipment like right pic. It helped a lot, but it came dirty back again very soon...

The entrance of Disney Animal Kingdom at Orlando.

Their unique beat attracted my daughter and me a lot.

She really liked to see their parade. It must be great time for her.

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