Friday, May 04, 2007

Spirit, Technique, and physical strength

I don't know these words can express exactly present my feeling for fly fishing.

But I think I'm getting able to enjoy whole process of fly fishing, not only the result, how big, how many... like that. I would like to behave modestly especially to mother nature.

River; Owyhee , Weather; Sunny just after light rain(54F/12C at highest), Hatch; midge(very small amount), Caught; one

Although it was late evening, there was very little rise because of low temperature. The Spring weather was really erratic, there was huge difference compared with last trip.

I enjoyed to find some rise, but they were very unstable, severe as a target.

As soon as I found one, I casted half sink type midge dry.

Then I got strike as I aimed! He gave me great gratification. Thanks a lot.

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