Monday, May 28, 2007

Trip to Florida; Everglades (Miami)

We'd been thinking of the trip to Florida since a long time ago, and could do that using saved mileage in spite of unexpected moving. We should have relaxed time as a reward of hard moving.

Because of the ticket, we had to stay Denver on 1st day. 2nd day, we arrived at Orlando FL, and moved to Miami.
Now it was OK to go the Everglades national park today.

At Royal Palm; Anhinga Trail

There was a paved trail around the pond.

I didn't know there was the exotic fish species problem also there.

A soft shelled turtle surprised us a lot. He was so close to us.

We could see wild alligator also! It was a kind of exciting for me.

He looked like almost dinosaur.

What a colorful hopper was it! It must be one of food chain of great Everglades.

At Flamingo ; Boat tour

We joined the boar tour at Flamingo, to see the wildlife and the mangrove forest.

Do you know that the 'mangrove' means not unique specie but a general term of the plant, which lives at mixed area of seawater and fresh water. I didn't know that.

It was hard to distinguish which part was branch or root, but was very unique.

It was lucky for us to see some American Crocodile. He was bigger than the alligator.

We enjoyed the Everglades's rich nature fully. If you like wildlife or such a kind of things, it is definitely 'must go' destination.

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