Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Midge Dry Game

Owyhee River, Sunny(79F/26C at highest), Hatch: Midge, Caddis Caught: 5,

  1. Today's my purpose was definitely to enjoy dry fly fishing for rise.
I stopped at famous pool, and checked the rise very carefully.

Then I found one, though it looked not stable.

I decided to try there first. After a few casts, I felt something heavy just before I picked my midge dry fly up. Fortunately I had a luck accidentally around 6:30PM, but it was not my target rise...

Although I waited another rise, I couldn't see any. So I moved to upstream.

I had to change the tactics to nymphing, because there was not any rise.

During my nymphing, one fish rose and sip tiny something very close to me! I stepped back slowly with care, and changed it to midge dry fly again.

After changing dry patten several times, he took it finally(around 8:30PM).

He was average, but strong one. Maybe strong flow supported him. I was glad to have it just as I intended.

I could catch three more fish all by midge dry pattern at same side channel. It was about 9:10PM for the last one.

I really satisfied with them. Thanks a lot!


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