Friday, May 11, 2007

Not easy rise

Owyhee River, Hatch; Baetis, Caddis, Midge, Hooked; 4 Caught;2

I could see some certain rise in early evening.

Though I tried some baetis patterns, he refused all of them. Maybe the 6X tippet was not sunk well. My next theme is to get the rise in the daytime.

I saw the Baetis spinner. It made me confused to identify what they fed.

I missed a bunch of rise...

After miss hooking using Baetis dun pattern, I got the one eventually.

Although the number of rise increased, that dun pattern was not effective any more.

I got one take by Batis nymph, but missed it because of line break...

The last one was caught by dun again.

To get the rise was not easy, and I had to learn many things. But it was also fun of fly fishing.


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SLTいいですねぇ~。オワヒにはちょうどよいかもしれませんね。New Rodでのレポート楽しみにしています。