Friday, July 07, 2006

1st try for Chinook

Today I took a half day off and visited the South Folk of Salmon river first time to challenge the Chinook(King) Salmon in Idaho. As you know it is not so huge in Idaho, but Chinook is Chinook, he is king of salmon.

I knew the present situation was not so easy because the number from the ocean was a few, but I couldn't give it up.

The width of the river was narrow and water was so clear. 'Were there any salmon really? 'I wondered. And at the same time, I was surprised by the number of anglers! Was today really weekday?

I checked the almost evry hole first, and tried some of them. But I got nothing and see no fish which other people caught.

Though I was beat completely, I think I will continue to try. But I became busy recently...

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