Friday, July 21, 2006

Yellowstone National Park(3rd day)

This morning, I got up early and tried the Lamar River again. As soon as I began to fish, there was first strike to large stonefly dry. It was surely big boy, and I could hook it. Then it tug so strong and my #5 rod was bent compeletely.

When he closed to me, it was not hooked its mouth but its back. Then it ran again deeply, and I lost its tension suddenly... It was not line break but the link plastic parts broken, which is between fly line and leader. I couldn't believe it, but it was true.

After that, I could catch beatiful cutthroats by some huge dry fly.
I couldn't forget my first fish's nightmare...

Today's our plan was to move from Mammoth Hot springs to Yellowstone Lake through Old Faithful.

This is the terrace mountain in Mommoth which seemed to consist of the lime.

That trees were bunrned by the wood wire before. There were many young trees among the old ones.

It was called a mud pot which was boiling.

We saw the big Elk on the way to Old Faithful. It had a good antler. We could see some Bison also.

It was the geyser in Old Faithful. It was so high and spectacle.

We stayed the Lake Cabins in front of Yellostone Lake. It was the cutthroat which was used the bed cover's design. Needles to say it reminded me of missed big boy in the early morning...

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