Saturday, July 01, 2006


I went the SFO Boise river after a long interval, because the stonefly's hatch had started.

I could see some of them in the afternoon. It was first time for me to see them, surely they were huge! And there was also a caddis's hatch near the bank.

The amount flowing water was about 1,600cfs.

So it was not so good for wading, but I could wade near the bank. Which means that I could aim the side chanel only.

Needless to say, I tried stonefly pattern first. There was some attack by small one, but they couldn't bite it.

I found the good one was attacking it, but he missed it. So I change it to elk hair caddis which I tied long time ago.

Then he was hooked! It was not huge but beautiful one(15inches/37cm) .

I caught small one by smaller elk hair caddis and caught smallest one by BH caddis pupa as a dropper.

Although I had to leave around five o'clock PM, I had a good time there.

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yokoyam3 said...

サウスフォークのボイジー、今までサーモンフライがハッチしていると聞いていってみたのですが、フライはたくさん見ても魚はあまりつれないと行った事が多かったです。ストーンでだめな時は、Mr. Beam ( がいいかも。ニュースを聞いてすぐ行かないとだめみたいですよ。