Sunday, July 23, 2006

Grand Teton(5th and last day)

We said good bye to Yellowstone, and headed for Grand Teton!

The Teton mountains were really grand and noble. We enjoyed the scenery very much.

We went Oxbow Bend in the evening to watch the Moose!!

Althougn we couldn't see it, we saw two Beaver and one Elk there.

While we were waiting the Moose, there were some stable rises in the Snake River! I really really wanted cast, but I had to give it up...

Tonight we stayed at Colter Bay tent cabin.

It was so simple, but we had a good time there.

Next morning, we got up so eary and went to Oxbow Bend again to see the Moose. But there was no luck...

Nobody preditcs the wildlife's behavior.

We returned the tent cabin once and took a simple breakfast.

Though we had to leave the Teton for our house today, we enjoyed everything in the Yellowstone and Grand Teton.

If we have a time and money, we really visit there again and again. We liked there very much!

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