Monday, July 31, 2006

Hopper was hot!

I went to the SFO Boise River in the evening after I retruned from the trip.

There were bunch of glasshoppers!!! This one looked like the same as #4 hook size.

I liked the big fly basically, so I decided to use #4 huge hopper without hesitating.

At the first hole, I got some strike to it. But I hooked all of them off, Jesus!! One of them was surely good size! I think one of causes was because of rapid stream.

At the second hole which was new hole for me, I could catch a good one(15inches/39cm) by it. It fought strong because of its width.

When I moved to the shallow to take a picture of it, I heard the rattle sound suddenly. Yes, it was surely rattle snake! It was first time to see for me.

Even if it was small one , it would like to feed the big fly .

After small one, I could catch the big boy at the exactly same hole.
He was 19inches/48.5cm, and the most largest and beautiful rainbow I've ever seen!!

I'm pretty sure that it could be one of my best fishes.

Please forgive me to attach many photos of him here, you know I was wild beside myself with joy!

I took a photo of myself also.


curryman said...

これはValuable one やね!

Baby 女の子と判明したよ!

yokoyam3 said...


african said...

To curryman



To yokoyam3
最後の一匹は、かなりラッキーでしたが、結構今のサウスはお勧めだと思いますよ。魚がついていそうな箇所にHopperを流すと、何らかの反応が必ずありました。こんなにGood Oneの気配をこの川で感じたのは初めてです。


最後の奴をCatchしたのは、割と流れが緩いところだった恩恵が大きいと思います。大物が着いていそうな、深みがあり、大きな石が点在している流れが早い箇所で、何度も#6のロッドが曲げられるGood Sizeのアタックがありましたが、ことごとくファイト中にばらしました。①流れ強い②Good Sizeのファイトがすごい③#4フックといっても、バーブレス の3つだと私の腕ではまだまだテンションコントロールが未熟で上げられませんでした。次の大いなる課題として、現在対策検討中です(笑)。

nagama said...

yayayayayaya yakkin!



yakijake ni nattenaika?