Thursday, July 20, 2006

Yellowstone National Park(1st day)

We planed to go Yellowstone & Grand Teton National park in this summer, and made a reservation(5nights, 6days) about three months ago. I was looking forward to seeing everything in the park, including beatiful fish. But I knew this trip was not fishing trip but family trip, and I should spend the time with my precious family as long as possible.

But it sholud be good time to try the yellowstone cutthroat trout! It is one of my desires in the fishing here(U.S.) to catch the beautiful cutthroat.

We left home at nine in the morning, and the driving was going well. After 7 hours(including long lunch time), we could see a certain river near St. Anthony. Yes, it was Henry's Folk of the Snake River!!
We took a rest and I observed the river. It was more beautiful than I had imagined, and there were some PMD hatches.

Then I saw one rise close the bank! I couldn't help casting, so I did a few cast with my daughter. Though I had no luck, I thought strongly that I would like to try again!

As a result, we arrived at Canyon area in the Yellowstone about 7 PM.

This photo was our first animal which we saw in the park. That was chipmunk. My wife and daughter were pleased to see it.

After we had a good dinner at the restaurant, we headed for the lodge to sleep. Before falling into the sleep, I promised my family that I would go fishing early morning and return untill 8 AM.

I had already decided the river to go by the pre-check on the way to CANYON from the park gate. I hope I can catch first fish here.

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