Friday, July 21, 2006

Yellowstone National Park(2nd day)

I woke up early for fishing and left the lodge about 5AM.
When I was approaching the exit of lodge area, I saw huge something black. It was a bison! He was between the building and parking lot, so I could see him very closely. Needless to say, I was so excited!!

And I could see the elk two times between lodge and the river. I was happy to see them.

My destination was Gibbon River which was close to the CANYON LODGE.

Although I got the some strikes, I got skunked because of my unskilled fishing technique...

We visited the Lower Fall which is part of yellowstone river in the morning.
I was tired from giving my daughter a piggyback, but It was so spectacular and was worth to see.

This afternoon I got a chance to fish while my daughter was taking a nap. Though I wanted to fish in Slough Creek which was very famous for its Cutthroat, there was so crowded.

So I gave it up and decided to fish in the river that was close to the road. It was the Lamar River that met my wish.

I tried the hopper pattern first without hesitating, because there was no rise and it was hot. I casted it to the just behind the big rock, then the big boy rose to the surface from the bottom to feed it! But he stopped biting it just in front of it... Maybe the drag influenced him.

As a result, I got a small but beautiful Cutthroat by the orange stimulator. It was my memorial first Cut!

Tonight we had a reservation for Mammoth Hot Springs Cabin. The bath and restroom was out of the cabin, but we enjoyed it.

I decided to fish the Lamar River again next early morning to try the big one again.

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