Saturday, July 22, 2006

Yellowstone National Park(4th day)

This morning we got up early for the watching the wildlife(not for the fishing). We saw Byson, Elk, Mule Deer etc. in Hayden Valley.

They looked mysterious in the purple sky. So we were much satisfied with them.

It was a group of femal Elk.

We found the singing katydid in the glasses near the Tower fall.

I could come Lamar River again and again after breakfast in Roosevelt.
When I went down to the river, I found the one certain rise in the shallow side chanel, between rocks.

It was surely big one which was feeding the caddis!

I kept some distance from him, and did stalking and sitting down carefully.

I did the first cast well, so he moved toward my stimulator and attacked it. But he missed it. I became so nervous!

After I changed the fly to the Elk Hair Caddis which I tied long time before, I did the third cast for him. It was successful, so he was hooked well! I was so exiceted because I could see everything he did.

He was certainly native Yellowstone Cutthroat, and so beautiful!!

You know, I was so glad to catch it, because I missed the big boy twice before in the same river.


On the way to Canyon, we could see the beautiful flowers on the sloop.

We could see some groups of byson in the hayden valley also.

I could see the male mule deer at Mud Volcano.

I drank a toast for my nice cutthroat by Grizzly Wulff Wheat. I bought it because I liked package design, but its taste was also good!! I liked it.


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