Monday, June 16, 2008

Woodcut & Dumplings ; UENO Tokyo

Do you know the 'BANINTEN'? It is the annual exhibition of NIPPON HAGAIN. And my mother-in-law's woodcut work was accepted last year as first time!

This year, her work was exhibited again, so we planed to go there and appreciate their works at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Ueno.

Including her work, we enjoyed their fantastic ones.

Though it was in rainy season, we had fine day today.

In celebration of her job, we had gorgeous lunch together at SEIYOUKEN restaurant.

After that, we walked into the Ueno Zoo park. My last visit there was almost 30years ago! Everything looked like better than before.

As afternoon tea time, we stopped at this tea house.

The hydrangea at entrance likely made it tasteful.

These dumplings were so nice!

I seemed to felt unique taste of Japan in this season so much today.

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