Monday, June 09, 2008

Dragon Boat Festival; 2nd weekend in China

As it was getting close to second weekend, the waiter at every restaurant got recommending us 'Zongi'.

'Zongi' is the sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves. We call it 'Chimaki' in Japanese.

2nd weekend was just 'Dragon Boat Festival' as lunar calender, and Chinese people eat Zongi as their traditional custom.

It is called 'Boys Festival' in Japan. And we eat a rice cake wrapped in an oak leaf. It is my favorite!

I tried several 'Zongi' at each restaurant, and found there were some variations.

My favorite was Shanghai food restaurant's one.

It was hot sunny day also this weekend, just like summer.

But I didn't dislike it. Since I got to there, it had been cloudy or rainy everyday.

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