Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Picnic and Fishing

Mr. & Mrs. L and my family went NIAGARA SPRINGS near Hagerman for picnic and fishing. Weather was so good, but sunshine was too strong.

It was just spring creek, and water was very clear.

We could find the fish easily. They all seemed to be hatchery fish.

A landscape aroud there was also good, so we could enjoy our lunch very much!

I tried dry fly first, and caught small one. But the reaction of fish for dry fly was not so good, next I tried nymph.

Then I could catch them easily! Size was not so huge, but I enjoyed their fight so much.

We tried the pond close to that creek also. It was easier to catch than creek.

This boat was used in the pond for enjoyable cruise only, and was not used for fishing.

We had a good time together. Thank you, Mr. & Mrs. L!!


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ボートいいですね。私もフロートチューブの購入を検討しています。Lake FishingにもTryしてみたいです。