Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Presents for me

The Chirstmas Present from my wife delighted me a lot. It was titled 'FIFTY PLACES TO FLY FISH BEFORE YOU DIE'.

I liked pix and its selection of the destination. Henry's Folk and Middle Folk of Salmon River were picked from Idaho.

I wish I could fly fish all of these. It should be added to one of my dreams.

I was given another one also today.

It was hard fight for my #6 rod, because he struggled so much. I thought I should have used #8 as the usual.

He was so healthy(26inches/66cm). A kind of handsome boy isn't it? To tell the truth, I missed the good Steel before him because of line break in obstacle.

I'd never imagined that there was still some Steels in the Down Town Boise River. Yes, definitely it was surprise present!


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了解です。本日なんとか大掃除と薪の整理をやり終えたので、明日から実家に帰ります。african Familyも良いお年を!ではでは