Friday, January 25, 2008

Zhuhai(珠海); food

This time, let me introduce some of foods I tasted in Zhuhai.

1. Local dining of our company(Zhuhai Factory)

I used it for breakfast and lunch everyday. There were several menu for each and it varied a little bit everyday. I had to pay attention not to eat too much because of its volume!

One of Morning Menu

One of Lunch Menu

2. Dinner; We had a bunch of options!

Beijing Duck; One called it not Beijing Duck but Zhuhai Duck.

Si Chuan cuisine(四川料理); It was definitely hot though, I counldn't stop eating...

おこげのあんかけ; I couldn't translate it into English, forgive me.

Shanghai cuisine(上海料理); It was a kind of popular cuisine in China for Japanese, because its taste was just modelate, not too hot. I put the eel on the fried rice.


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