Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wet is hot now; 1st trip to TENRYU river this year

For several reasons, I took a day off and headed for TENRYU River C&R section today.

It was so sunny and warm day today.

My yellow and partridge wet fly #16 gave me first luck. It was my first one by wet fly.

Several kinds of shucks were dominate in its stomach.

This small yellow mayfly's hatch (I guess FUTABAKOKAGEROU's female dun) was seen there. And it number got increased in the evening.

2nd one was caught by same pattern. Maybe its body color yellow matched dun's color.

It was first time for me to catch OIKAWA fish(Japanese native fish) by fly!

3rd one was small, but caught by Quill Gordon wet fly! It was definitely fun to catch the fish by my hand made fly.

And my most favorite wet fly Professor #8 gave me the last one!

Overall, fish size itself was smaller(around 14inches/36cm) than last year though, I had good time with my first wet fly fishing today.

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