Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sight Fishing Practice; SFP

This was my second visit to SUSONO Fishing Park. Today's theme was to practice 'sight fishing'.

So I tied several flies which was visible in the water, according to book-san's advise.

Small green caterpillar pattern was effective.

I liked this handsome brookie.

Cream colored marabou pattern (sammy-san's pattern) worked well, especially for brownie. Maybe over 5 brown trout were caught by it.

I also succeeded in hooking ITOU trout with it! ITOU is famous as the largest species of Japanese trout in fresh water. But I missed him because of line break... It was pity though, I was so glad to hook him up today.

It was good sight fishing's training for me today. If I had another chance, I would like to catch ITOU trout next.

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