Tuesday, July 14, 2009

HAKONE and ASHIOKO lakeside

Since our daughter had overnight camping activity at her kindergarten yesterday, my wife and I stayed at HAKONE resort house.

It was so fine morning, today.

After breakfast, we took a walk around there. It was just great present from her for us.

Wonderful coffee time.

NATSU_TSUBAKI(SYARA_NOKI); Japanese stuartia. It reminded me of daughter because of its name. I like its noble white.

This was second shot though, I couldn't find its name yet...

NEZI_BANA; Ladies' tresses. What a beautiful name is it!

YAMA_HOTARU_BUKURO; Bell flower. Cute shape isn't it?

This was my first shot of KAKESU(Jay). Next time, let me take a pic of your face please.

It was too hot, today. HOOJIRO(Japanese bunting) enjoyed playing in the water.

Let me join it!

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