Thursday, November 12, 2009

Memorandum to next year

This pic from Mr. Gold was taken when I succeeded in hooking first fish. Thanks, Master 'Gold'. I liked this shot very much!

By the way, let me leave memorandum to Lance in next year.

1. Keep your fly in the bottom range of stream anyway, especially for slow condition. This is the exactly same basis as Steelhead fishing you loved. So don't forget various weights of shot.

2. Don't forget color of 'Pink' for Salmon, Lance. It was your lucky color of this year and Master KANNO used the same color. He liked small size, though...

3. For natural drifting, upstream casting just like Steelhead nymphing may be better.

4. Left hand must be key including hooking. Don't use your fly rod when you set a hook. It is same as lake fishing. But you need much time to practice.

5. Go for 'Gold'!

That's it. Have a fun, Lance, next year also.


Mr.Gold said...

I am glad that you liked the photo.
"Left hand must be key", of course! (even after catching salmon)
Please keep it in your mind and try it next year, Lance.
I want to tye the Big dancer to my spoon or minnow's tail next time. They must work well.
I am not sure if my minnows can swim, though. Anyway, my next challenge is that let them use their mouth! Thanks for the great (抱腹絶倒の)trip and your report!
 ”Master” Gold

african said...

Thank you for your comment, Master 'Gold'! And same to you, it was great fun trip for me also. Hope we'll get a ticket of next year also!