Wednesday, December 23, 2009

First Post from New House

Today as just two days before our moving in, I was here in new house for several preparation like Internet connection.

So far it seems good connection, and this is memorial first post from our new house.

The right pic is the light of dinning room, likely my wife did good selection!

By the way, I got this wonderful prize from Mr. Gold as big boss. It was for MVP of our Salmon fishing trip last month.

His handmade minnow lure looks so fantastic. Let me try it soon, Mr. Gold, if I've done for all set up of new house...


Mr.Gold said...

Lance, congratulations for moving to your wonderful new castle!!
I hope you will finish unpacking all your stuff soon and go fishing with the lure! and also the fish in the area will be hungry enough to bite it. Then, you may get another MVP.
Make sure you tighten the line to the lure and have fun!

african said...

Thank you for giving me a chance of lure fishing, Mr. Gold! Yeah,the fish in pond must be simply starving now. Let's hava a party there.