Monday, January 10, 2011

Her favorite KFS

She is missing KFS' closing very much.

Today she tried sight fishing in short range mainly, because it was too windy.

She did great job, caught 7 big ones and many smalls in 2 hours by herself without any my help.

It seems that I need to find alternative good fishing field for her immediately...


Mr.Gold said...

I went there on Sunday, last week.
Did you get KFS original lures(spoons)as their final gifts?
I got 10 sets of them!
I kept five fish and made the final "smoke KFS rainbows".
I'm going to enjoy them with beer or whisky!
I miss KFS, too.

african said...

That sounds fantastic plan to enjoy KFS's bow, Mr.Gold.

We went there on last Sunday too with her friend, and stayed there from 2PM to 4PM. We might meet together there.

Anyway, we are missing it very much, and I'm thinking of alternative spot to fish with her now...