Saturday, March 05, 2011

HATSUTSURI; Got started

 Today was my opening day of this fishing season though, I had strict time limit. For older daughter's skating, had to drop her at NUMAZU station by 8:30 and pick her up by 15:30. But this morning, there was very bad traffic jam for the construction work. So I decided to take a shortcut because I thought we'll be late. It seemed to be wrong decision. At the narrow alley, I scraped my cherish car against a wall. Bad start, Lance. It was very difficult to erase it completely in my memory...

No rise at first hole.

Famous hole had fishermen waiting the rise.
I didn't want to join them. I liked calmer place.


This hole was also busy.

NOSURI; Common Buzzard

UGUISU, Japanese Bush Warbler was busy for singing.

I found calm pool and waited some rises. But the river kept silent.
On the way to the parking place,
the UME blossoms were beautiful.

This crane fly pattern looked like good on the water surface. But fish wasn't interested in it today.

So I said good-bye to KANOGAWA main stream, and visited one of its branches.
And could catch the first fish of this season. Thanks, god.
Small but precious AMAGO trout for me today
By the way, I am suffering with bad running nose now because of hay fever. Poor Lance...

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