Saturday, April 09, 2011

Even though

Even though I bet on slight possibility,
KANOGAWA main stream got colored already...(12:17)

Even though I couldn't fish there, got the first shot of him(12:46).

Even though it was past one o'clock, headed for OSHINO from IZU(14:21).

Even though it is already April, OSHINO is having its late spring there(14:38).

Even though I expected many crazy rises for the cloudy baetis, the river kept silence(14:43)...

Even though it was super small size, brownie always made me happy.
#20 parachute worked well in the evening(18:12).

Even though it was the rainbow trout, it had orange colored  belly(18:18).

Even though this is unclear pic, there was some small floating nymphs. KUSHIGE?
Even though I kept fishing until HIGENAGA time(19:00), added one more fish only.

Even though it was not fantastic day today, I'm pretty sure that I love the fly fishing.

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