Friday, May 18, 2012

Evening fishing after work on weekday

When I went back home on Happy Wednesday(no overtime work), I noticed that the days are noticeably longer. Which means 'Don't miss the weekday's evening, Lance!'.
Finding 1: You can fish 18:15-19:00.
Finding 2:  Water was a little colored because of last night's rain. But water level itself was not bad.
Finding 3:  Everything is in hurry. It was hard to keep my composure...
Finding 4:  There were lots of HIRATA's spinner, and hatch itself was slow today.
Finding 5:  Fishes were so smart, even in the dark. I could see some rises today, and I thought I could hook them up easily. But they stopped biting just in front of my fly.

Thank you for coming, baby.

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