Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sightseeing in LA

We had very typical sightseeing in LA, but it was fun for us.

1. Little Tokyo:
My wife bought some Japanese food. And we ate Chinese Soup noodles in soup after long interval.

2. Dodger Stadium:
It was under constraction, but I was glad to come here.

3. Hollywood & Beverly Hills(Rodeo Drive)
Just looking.

4. Santa Monica(for dinner)
We really enjoyed fresh sea food(Spiny Lobster etc.). It was difficult to have it in Boise.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

1st day of vacation

It was time to go vacation! My family were so excited, but I felt a little nervous because I hadn't experienced private trip in US.

My foreboding has come true. Our first flight to SFO was delayed for two and half hours by weather in SFO. It wasn't easy to keep my daughter's feeling good, but we could reach SFO safety.

Though I had to find alternative flight because we missed original one by previous flight delay, I could have done well. So we could breathe fresh air of LA in the evening.

Although we were almost worn out, we decided to go SANTA MONICA for dinner. We tried Japanese food restaurant 'Musha', and it was so nice. Especially I was surprised by 'Aburi-Saba' & 'Ankimo'. In addition to that, my daughter slept well all the dinner time, so my wife and I could talk each other leisurely.

Monday, November 28, 2005

The day before vacation

The yesterday's snow was still left around our shed. I had wanted to use it as fishing room, but actually there was no light and heating. So I decided to use it as storage.

By the way, I take a fist vacation(about 1week) from tomorrow. And we are going to visit LA(Disney etc.) & San Diego(Zoo & Seaworld) on Tuesday.

I have to say good-bye to fishing for a while, but I'm looking forward to our fist family trip in US.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

So tired

Yesterday, I decided to go South Folk after long time. Because I felt expectation of big rainbow. And I got up too early naturally, left home at 6:30AM.

Although I knew it might be a little snow, actually snow was getting heavier on the way to South Folk. So I had to give it up to go South Folk, because my Outback didn't wear snow tire. I left the free way and turned back the way I had come.

Three hours later, I arrived in O river. It was first experience for me to try this river in the morning. Some part of river was frozend! Too Cold today.

Although there was hardly any rises, I found some one in the upper stream hole(almost same as 11/11's hole). I decided to fish here.

I missed a bite to midge spinner once, after it there was no reaction to dry fly. And I tried almost evry pattern I hit upon, but there is nothing either. Finally I was given advise from another angler, and I caught this fish(17inch/43cm) by San Juan worm pattern.

After this fish, it began to blow harder and it hailed! I had to give today's fishing up.
I was really worn out today.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Day after Thanksgiving

We acted separately today. My wife went shopping mole alone early morning. Because day after Thanksgiving had big sale. She succeeded to buy aimed one.

My daughter and I went Fred Meyer to buy a Christmas Tree together. After that we also went Walmart to buy DVD player. On the way to Walmart she fell asleep, but she didn't throw a tantrum. Good job!
Though this tree may be too big in Japan, I don't mind it. Enjoy Boise Life!

Friday, November 25, 2005


This is our new house we moved. Though color isn't my preference very much, I like it very much.

We spent our first Thanksgiving in that house. My wife tried turkey using oven, and I helped just a little. Today's my main job was to take care of my daughter.

My wife did turkey well, and she prepared two kinds of sauce; Gravy & Cranberry. I had thought Gravy was good but how was Cranberry? But Cranberry was nice also. I really surprised it.

When in US, we should do as the Americans do once.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

The first snow of the season in Boise

Today I saw the first snow of the season in the morning. It is too early isn't it? Still November. These are photos of my office.

Begining of this week, I also moved to new house because of Realstate's own reason. Movement was not so easy, but it became a precious experience for me. I'm going to upload the picture of new house soon. It became larger and I got the fishing room for myself only! Amazing!!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Beautiful Brown

Today Hide & I managed to finish work in the morning, and burn for the O_River. We haven't gone fishing together since August.

On the way to the river, many cows were crossing the road. Was it a movement from ranch to ranch?

Althouth it is Friday, there wasn't a few fishermans. So, we had to pass some my favorite holes.

We found a good hole in the upperstream. It was new hole for me.

I found the small rise, and I casted midge parachute. The fish bit it surely, and I caught hook it well. That was very beautiful Brown Trout. Though size was not so large(16.5inchs/42cm), I was satisfied with it very much.

I added the one good fish(17inch/43cm) using same pattern. This fish's fight was so strong & clever. It hided under the weed over and over again. As a result, hook was bended.

After this fish, many small fishes were caught. I was disappointed a little.
On the evening, big fishes gathered in the shallow area, and they ate someting.

I tried again and again. Finally I caught a beautiful one(16.5inchs/42cm).

Hide, thank you for taking my photo. He also caught some good fish today. We spent a good time.

Friday, November 11, 2005


This morning, I found the frost on the my lawn.
It was becoming colder in the morning.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Enviable Fish!

To my regret, this isn't my photo, but my friend Hide's one. He caught it by boat trawling using 'Hot shot'(Lure's name), when I worked. 30inchs(76.2cm)&11lb! I really envy it.

And, we are planning to go Steel Head fishing together without using boat.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Big one and Small one

Yesterday, I worked so hard(after Viedo Conference), and I was worn out. So I decided to take compensatory day off today. Of course, I said good-bye to my family and headed for river(with wife's permission).

1St Hole : Recently I vist this Hole First.
There are small rises. They seem to eat someting under the water. I selected Zebra Midge without hesitating.

And, I caught a good one first after long time. I really enjoyed the reaction of living body. He wears so beautiful color!

17.7inchs (45cm)

After releasing, I tried same pattern again, but there is no reaction. I changed the fly to imerger(looks like pheasant tail), and some bite occured, but it wasn't hooked. Finally I caught small one(about 12inchs). After that, rises was getting disappeared, I decide to move.

2nd Hole : Near the first place to visit with Hide

While I was looking next hole, I hit upon plan to test the Lure Fishing just for a change. I tryed Lure Fishing at 2nd hole(new hole to me) for a little while. As a result, I caught also good & beatiful one which is 17inchs(43cm) by Vixen70mmF .

But, I felt strongly again, Lure Fishing is not elegant here & now(especially the spawning season). And I finished it, decide to aim at rising fish by fly.

3rd Hole

17inch (43cm) PMD Spinner

This fish is the smallest one in this River before.
???inch PMD Spinner

Last Hole: A little upper of 3rd Hole

This fish is No.1 Fish as ever(Not only length but also weight!) Full-bosomed Fish!

19.7inch(50cm) Midge Parachute

Friday, November 04, 2005

Pass the written driver examination & No luck in Eagle

After last Friday's fail, I managed to study IDAHO Driver's Manual. And finally I passed the written driver examination with score of 37/40 ! Next, I have only to pass the drving skills test on Monday.

After written examination, I dropped in Boise River around Eagle, and attempted Lure Fishing. But there is no reaction ... in other words, no sign of any fish.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Trick or Treat!

We experienced first Halloween in our house. We visited neighborhood together, and my daughter got much treat. She looks very satisfied.

Also we prepared treat for kids visiting our house. We had many kid's visitors. That was so pleasant.