Monday, February 06, 2006

My birthday(Surprise, Fishing, Super Ball)

On the day before my birthday, we had a lunch at Thai restaurant with my American colleague's family and his friends. After main meal, he prepared surprise birth day ice cake with candle for me. I felt shy a little, but very pleased.

On my birthday my daughter and I went to nearby pond(1 min. by car) for fishing together, while my wife made dinner. Although our target fish was Bass and tried with Lure tackle, couldn't get any luck. But, the old couple caught some rainbow trouts with power bait in front of us.

I didn't know there was rainbow trout! Though it might be hatchery one, it was enough for playing I thought. It may be good training for fly fishing also. After that, we played in the park with a slide, and returned home.

We really enjoyed dinner watching Super Ball on TV from 16:00. The game was continued until 20:00, but was so fun! I spent a good birthday with my family. Thanks to my wife and daughter. My slogan of this year is 'Balance(for everything)'

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