Monday, October 02, 2006

Silver Creek!

Yokoyam3 and I went to the Silver Creek together by his drive. It was first visit for me.

It was about 2h drive from his house, probably it should have taken 2.5h from my house. Not so far.

We signed at the visitors center(right photo) of Nature Conservancy.

It was very scenic and tastefull!

Water was so clear because of its spring, so it was just spring creek.

We tried Sullivan Lake first. It was a kind of Slough, so there were no flow but some springs.

I tried Callibaetis imager first and there was a take of fish. But I missed it...

There were many fish but they are so spooky.

Although I found one Callibaetis(Speckle-Wing Quill) dun, I couldn't identify what they was feeding.

We moved next hole after 1.5hours because there was almost no rise.

2nd hole was around the junction of Loving Creek.

There were some unstable and intermittent rises, but no hatch.

In the evening, there were many baetis(BWO) and I could see some dun.

My BWO dun was took several times, but they were not hooked. And Almost all fish ignored my fly.

Although I got skunked finally, I was not so disappointed.

I think my Silver Creek Story has just begun.

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