Tuesday, March 20, 2007

First One by Double Handed gears

Definitely I' d been swamped with work for two weeks, so that was the reason why there was no update on my blog.
As a result, I missed the golden one week for Steelhead fishing at the South Fork of Clearwater... This 'Golden' included the number of Steel's coming up and the streamflow amount.
Now, although the number increased, the streamflow was getting overflow. But I had no time to hesitate. Yes, I should have gone there to catch the B-run Steelhead.

As I expected, its stream showed five times as much as previous trip's. This trip I used two method, the nymphing as usual and the swinging by the double handed rod.

I got the luck by the swinging, but it was not the B-run's but the whitefish's... It was the first one by the double handed gears.
As a conclusion, I got one more whitefish only, no steel this time.
But I think I should never give the B-run Steelhead up!

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