Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Caddis; Importance of Size

River; South Fork of Boise River(below Anderson Ranch Reservoir) Stream flow; 1780 cfs
Hatch; Bunch of Caddis! Hooked; 2 Caught; 1

I finally came here! It was definitely my place!! I was just happy only to come certain fly fishing river. There were many trucks for the boat fishing.

Although I expected some Salmonfly hatch, I didn't see any.

Instead of it, there were a bunch of Caddis! It likely first time for me to see such a huge amount.

Until this trip, I thought that Caddis was not difficult. But I realized it was my silly thought at that time.

Yes, there were some rises for them, and I could see some big boy, 20inches over, rose them.
I was pretty sure that I would catch soon, but any fly pattern which I had didn't work well, including Emerger and Nymph dropper.

I realized it was because of size difference between my fly and actual Caddis. They looked like #16 or #18.

I had only a tiny one like them. After several try and error, I got luck.

This average one(17inches/43cm) gave me a lot of learning.

I should be back again soon.

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