Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Still need something...

River; South Fork of Boise River(below Anderson Ranch Reservoir) Stream flow; 1800 cfs Weather; Pretty Sunny/98F(37C) Hatch; Still Caddis Hooked; 4 Caught; 3

Now summer is in full swing here, it was almost one hundred degrees Fahrenheit today.

I still saw a bunch of Caddis, but I didn't know whether they were just hatched or laying eggs.

At first, I missed several rises of good one. I didn't know the reason why, fly pattern, size... But it was true that I still need something to get big boy's rise by match the hatch.

This was the second one, caught by Elk Hair Caddis #18(19inches/49cm).

Although I was really happy to catch him, I couldn't have a confidence to identify what they were feeding now.

Maybe my choice was correct. Because I could catch another one(14inches/35cm) just after this one with same fly.

I did succeed in setting hook the fourth one, but it was hooked off soon because of this bent hook.

Anyway I need more skill up for everything... But it is a kind of fun also, that is fly fishing.


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そうなんですよ。ジミーさんのBlogでそのことを知っていて、試そうと思ったのですが、RKのにーちゃんにエルクヘアーを使ったものは、Caddisをうまくイミテートできていないと言われ、その場はあきらめました。でも薦められた、Smith’s CDC Caddis and CDC Caddis emerger #16はさっぱりでした。パターンよりも#18が大事だったと思います。と同時に、Elk Hair Caddisで効果あったのを再確認したので、X-Caddis、是非試してみようと思います。それにしても、Big Oneのライズはドキドキです!あれを何とか物にしたい…。