Saturday, September 27, 2008

Go out mushrooming! ; Enjoy Japanese Autumn

My friend curryman took me out for gathering mushroom as my mushrooming mentor. He was the man who taught me fly fishing and MTB first also.

I left my home at 5AM, and picked him up 5:30. We headed for FUJI SUBARU line, and started mushrooming around 7 o'clock.

He showed me our first catch. It is called 'SHOGENJI' in Japanese. It likely tastes good and should be used for all-purpose cooking.

Then I found something blacks. I asked him what are they? His answer was 'It may be KUROKAWA as famous as one of best mushrooms! '.

It was identified as 'KUROKAWA' later. Wow, what a lucky guy am I!! It should be called just 'Beginner's Luck'.

It was baked wrapped tin aluminium foil and eaten with sweet soy sauce later. I thought its bitter taste should be preferred by adult, who likes his drink like me.

The moss covered forest reminded me Olympic National Park, US. It was also fun just to walk in forest with cool air.

This flower seemed to be called 'FUJIAZAMI', and be unique native around there Mt. FUJI.

We were back to car to move for second hole. It got beautiful sunny day today.

First major findings at second hole were 'NARATAKE'. He said it should be good in a soup. So I cooked it in MISO soup later.

Now I knew the meaning that 'mushrooming was similar to fishing' commented by curryman.

Type of mushrooms which we could see depended by season, place, elevation, temperature... just like mayfly's hatch. And the joy of finding mushrooms was close to fishing especially.

This is the one called 'HANAIGUCHI'. It had wet surface and beautiful color.

Today's our all harvests. They are just blessing of nature.

SHOGENJI was cooked as pilaf with my dutch oven, and tasted good!

Boiled HANAIGUCHI with WASABI soy sauce was my best bet today. Its taste and feeling of bite might be close to 'NAMEKO'.

I believe I already became mushroom enthusiast.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

KFS on Autumnal Equinox Day

For her request, we headed for KFS after about 5 months interval.

Today's her theme was to master 'Pick up and lay down'. And she were getting much better than before.

She ordered me to tie special fly for her in the morning. So I tried Form Beetle first time. Since I had forgot to buy rubber leg, used rubber band as substitute.

It looked like too thick though, worked so-so well.

She caught bunch of fish today almost by herself! Only thing she needed my help was to set a hook. As you know, it is especially difficult for dry fly.

It was good learning for me also, especially on fly selection.


This morning, I found these two mayflies' dun on a screen door.

Left one seemed to be ERABUTAMADARA mayfly, three tails, 5mm body length and its color. Right one looked like AKAMADARA mayfly, three tails, 7mm length and red color.

My daughter and I planed to see their ecdysis in a small plastic case.

But they did it in short time which we didn't see. Maybe they felt a kind of danger and accelerated their change to spinner.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Still like summer ;12th trip to OSHINO

Today It had been raining until around 3 o'clock. Weather forecast said that it would be stopped around noon...

During rainy afternoon, huge terrestrial fly still worked even early autumn now.

One of today's topics was that I could see some big fish more often than usual. I aimed one of them and tried any pattern which I hit on, but couldn't attract him...

I saw this FUTASUJI's dun so often. Today's hit fly was its crippled dun again. I thought I would like to try tying another pattern of it.

There were a few rises in a day time.

This is first bow's stomach sample. Nymphs were dominant.

I found this ONASHI stonefly's adult when I was releasing the first fish. His wing was not complete as this pic, a kind of unusual.

This one was caught at new hole to me.
In the evening, the number of rise itself was increased because of KUSHIGE mayfly's hatch. But I ignored it and kept using FUTASUJI's fly mainly.

Late evening, several HIGENAGA were shown. So I changed the fly to HIGENAGA's one. Though I got several strikes, couldn't catch them...

It might be a kind of stressful result today. There was only one more week to close. I wish I would have a chance to be there one more time...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cycling in KADOIKE park

This afternoon, she did cycling with me after long interval.
Only 5min drive took us KADOIKE park. It was hot day like summer.

There were many fishermen to enjoy a kind of crucian fishing, and some bass fisher.

She has no problem to ride the bike with side assistant wheel now. Next step is to try without that.

Monday, September 15, 2008

BANJONOTAKI campground

I had been vacating home for one week because of business trip to China, and came back just before three consecutive holidays.

We had planed to go camping this weekend, and I picked BANJONOTAKI campground as our second camping destination this year. It took only 1 hour drive from our home.

After late lunch, we played at small mountain stream. And we found a crab there. It had white and blue gray color. It was first to see for me maybe. The red one was familiar to me.

BANJONOTAKI fall was awesome today also.

Next time I likely need to grab my fishing pole there.