Tuesday, April 29, 2008

K.F.S on Showa Day

I've been thinking where should we go to meet her request. She would like to catch her first fish.

I picked KFS; Kakitagawa Fish Story, for it. Even though it was just fish pond, famous that its fish was so healthy and beautiful.

She mainly tried Lure Fishing today there. I had responsibility for the casting and hooking, and she did it by herself after the fish was hooked.

She was so excited to do reeling in the fish!

The size of fish we caught were close to 40cm(16inches) as average.

She was doing well for fly fishing's reeling also.

Just two hours fishing gave us almost two-digit fish, and we kept two* for our dinner today. *Two were caught by Lure, we couldn't keep any fish by fly fishing as its regulations.

The left lower pic was taken by her, today's biggest one , approximately 50cm(20inch) over.

We had good time on Showa Day holiday today anyway.

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