Thursday, April 24, 2008

How about rainy day?; 4th trip to Oshino

When I found that it would be rainy today, a bright idea occurred to me.

There was a rumor which Baetis 'Kokagerou' liked rainy day for its hatch, so I would like to just make sure of it today.

We had intermittent showers today, totally it was a kind of comfortable.

Contrary to my expectation, it was just usual Oshino, which meant there were a few hatches and rises, not easy...

#20 Compara dun, Crippled dun pattern was likely got their attention.

One of great findings was my CDC Onashi pattern was attacked several times!

On the other hand, I couldn't see any Ohkuma adult and #14 Crippled one didn't work at all today. Maybe it's already gone.

It was only 3hours fishing today though, I think I had good time there today also.


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