Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ohkuma & Onashi; 3rd trip to Oshino

This was my new weapon today. I didn't know that the wader was not necessary here Oshino.

It was very sunny, a kind of hot today.

I got several strike for #20 compara dun, but missed them...

And I did see 'Ohkuma' mayfly's flying around 1 o'clock. So I tied #14 Crippled dun. Then the big boy sipped it with big mouse! But he wasn't hooked by me... Boy! I missed one more good fish also...

However, their reaction for my fly gave me a kind of confidence.

This stonefly is called 'Onashi ' in Japan.

It might be one of reasons why I took great pain for afternoon fishing today that I didn't have its fly pattern.

At the evening, I had several luck, one by #16 CDC dun, others by #18 Adams parachute.

Everytime I came to Oshino, I learned a lot of things.

I would like to try next theme 'Ohkuma' and 'Onashi' ASAP. It depends on...

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