Saturday, July 17, 2010

Too sunny days

made me feel as if rainy season has ended. We spent a couple of hours outside in the morning.

The young leaves of SHIMATORINEKO tree as the symbol tree.

That young mantis had grown bigger than before. But later, it was kept away from our garden by me. Sorry, my wife doesn't like you.

She caught this dragonfly by her net, after some mistakes.

And she could identify it with USUBAKI_TONBO by the picture book by herself. Good job.

Moved to the park just back of our house.

Some cicadas seemed to hatch recently there.

That shuck must be KUMAZAMI's one. It reminded me of the last year's article.

NAMI_AGEHA butterfly was fluttered from the flower to the other busily.

Now it is getting just like summer. So I'm wondering if there is terrestrial pattern enough in my fly boxes...

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