Friday, July 30, 2010

3rd day of NAGANO trip; Around TATESHINA

Thank you for having fine sunny day this morning.

Let's go out!

Our, actually my destination was GOSENSUI Nature Park to see lots of wild birds.

KOGARA, Willow Tit was first time to see for me.

Moved from a tree to the other with small bevy.

UGUISU, Japanese Bush Warbler. It is easy to hear its song but hard to see itself because it is so cautious. It was not the best but the first shot of me.

And KIBASHIRI, Treecreeper was also new to me. Just creeping
on the tree as its name!




Having yummy SOBA at SUISYACHAYA restaurant.

We spent afternoon in TATESHINA Heights. Our daughter loved swan boat, cycling and patter golf, just like typical resort holiday.

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