Thursday, July 29, 2010

2nd Day of NAGANO trip; Rainy KIYOSATO

From the window of our room, it looked so foggy outside this morning.

So we had to give up outing today and decided to go to KIYOSATO resort.

KISEKIREI(Grey Wagtail) saw us off.

Acutually KIYOSATO is located in not NAGANO but YAMANASHI prefecture. It took about 1.5hours from our lodge near SHRAKABAKO in NAGANO, because it is almost close to the border of both prefectures. Not too far, but not too close.

GAKU_AJISAI looked nice in the rain. The plant of AJISAI(Hydrangea) family matches Japanese rainy season well, I think.

We visited YAMANE(Dormouse) museum there. Because my wife has been loving it for a long time. Seeing wild YAMANE and Moose is likely one of her dreams.

My daughter newly joined YAMANE fun club today. We learned lots of stuff about it there today.

When we were out of it, HOJIRO(Siberian Meadow Bunting) was singing repeatedly on the electric wire in the fog.

These hot dogs of the farm shop were our lunch today. They were a kind of premium ones using special ingredients.

Having a teatime with soft ice cream there.

My favorite was the one of small shop in front of Essen Garten in MOEGINOMURA. Tasted richer than famous one.

I was quite exhausted today as faithful driver... But got fine with this treat.

Please stop raining and give us a sunny day tomorrow.

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