Friday, September 30, 2011

End of the fishing season this year

September 30, it was the last day of fishing season this year. I couldn't help going there...
The water level was still higher than usual, but it didn't look like bad condition for the dry fly. 
It was cloudy and sometimes sunny.
Since there was no hatch, I tied the spider parachute pattern first.
Every fish of this river is so healthy and beautiful.
It might be my first fall fishing on this river.
First good one by the floating nymph pattern.
These small ones are the proof of the reproduction.

He also must miss the summer.
It was my lucky last fish of this season.
Thanks, my stimulator.

He was so wild and strong, perfect fall fish for me.
 I know you don't like me though, hopefully see you next year.

I love this Japanese traditional fall scenery very much.

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