Friday, September 23, 2011

Flooded OSHINO...

I got known the OSHINO's critical situation through it, and called the river's edge pro shop to get the latest information. The owner said that the lower section was catastrophic but I could fish on the upper section. I hesitated a lot, but realized that I had no choice anyway. Left home past 10:30AM with a little expectation which it will be better by this evening.

It was truly broken, just sad...
Now I knew my expectation wouldn't be true.
Moved to the upper section.

The upper section was better than the lower.
But it was still difficult situation, because of flooding .
I had to find just a few floating fishes like this pic.
So fishable hole was limited.

Fall baetis was too tiny, approximately #20. 

I found the several floating fishes close to the opposite bank. 

Got 3 bows there by small parachute and thorax dun.

I kept fishing until dark though, could have nothing there except sporadic baetis hatches...
Yeah, my last trip to OSHINO this year  was something like that. 

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