Sunday, July 31, 2011

AI#1 Tokyo Disney Land

I took this week off as the first part of summer vacation this year. I had lots of promised Action Item(AI) for my older daughter this week. AI#1 had been her strong request for a year. Sorry to have kept you waiting, sweetie. 
My first mission was to get the fastpass ticket of Monster's INC.

She was a little nervous of Peter Pan's attraction.

Soy source and butter was her favorite taste of the popcorn.

Do you wanna ride it?

You missed the electrical parade this time, sugar.

She got 12 souvenir medals today by her pocket money.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

From 5:30 to 7:30; KANOGAWA branch

Flying ant on the front glass of my car.
So I tied ant pattern first this morning.

The influence of the typhoon was seen over there.
It was not good condition yet, water showed still muddy color.

He was rising for something. For what?

Caught by #14 brown parachute.
I saw several mayfly's spinner on the spider's net.

Sorry for hooking you, baby.

I hope the water level will be back to normal next week.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Plan B

My plan A, fishing at OSHINO after 5 had to be canceled today. I'm so sorry, Y-kun...
Let's find another fun on plan B together, my sugar.

KUMAZEMI, the largest cicada in Japan.
First time to see this year.

I expected her overreaction, but unfortunately she was just before falling asleep.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

#10 & #23

Thinking of next trip to OSHIO, but I don't have any option yet...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Refreshing Morning

My early bird fishing is still going on. It was sunny from early morning today. Based on the situation of the last week, I tied the white parachute imitating HIRATA mayfly, first.

He was a so good fighter, so speedy!

Almost perfect condition.
I was lost in admiration for a while.

After I missed another good fish,
caught this baby as my 2nd and last fish today.

It got too sunny around 8AM, but I had a refreshing morning today.

OSHINO without fishing pole

I forgot to write it though, we saw a HOTARU(firefly) after fishing at OSHINO. When I told my family about it, they said 'Let us see the HOTARU, dad!!'  Oh I see, sweetie. Let's go there today.
We visited the SAKANA Park first.

It was much better than I'd imagined.
They seemed to like it very much, too.

She is trying to draw a picture of HIMEMASU trout using PC.

Go out around 4PM.

Found about #14 size Spinner there.

KOSAKU which Tommy and Y-kun recommended was nice restaurant.

Famous ice cream shop for our circle.
Visit after over 10 years interval!


Around 20 o'clock, we found the HOTARU at OSHINO!
Likely HEIKE_BOTARU species, smaller and darker than GENJI_BOTARU.

We all had fantastic time there together.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

OSHINO after 5

Our company got started 'Summer Time Shift' from 4th of July, no overtime work. So we are free just after 5. Personally speaking, would like to be free from 3 or 4 something though, it may be good opportunity for poor fly fisherman. Gone for OSHINO with Tommy and Y-kun.
18:20 Started to fish

18:40 first fish by FUTASUJI crippled dun, after two big mistakes...

There were many rises, should be nice situation for us.
Very small mayfly(KUSHIGE?) was mainly seen and some FUTASUJI's hatch. 

19:05  2nd one was also YAMAME, good size by KUSHIGE para

19:20  Last fish today by same small parachute.
After this fish, there were many crazy rises in very short time there. I couldn't got them...  Need to go there again soon to identify them.

Friday, July 15, 2011

#20~23 parachute

If KUSHIGE_MADARA mayfly's hatch will be good,
these small parachutes should work this evening, I think.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

6-8AM Fishing this week

Water level was a little higher than normal.
Two good ones chased my  #10 orange stimulator though,
they likely knew that it was the fake.

This HIRATA' dun changed my mind.
Switched to #14 parachute pattern.

Caught two small ones, both had wonderful color.
Next week, I would like to catch the good ones which I missed today.