Saturday, July 16, 2011

OSHINO after 5

Our company got started 'Summer Time Shift' from 4th of July, no overtime work. So we are free just after 5. Personally speaking, would like to be free from 3 or 4 something though, it may be good opportunity for poor fly fisherman. Gone for OSHINO with Tommy and Y-kun.
18:20 Started to fish

18:40 first fish by FUTASUJI crippled dun, after two big mistakes...

There were many rises, should be nice situation for us.
Very small mayfly(KUSHIGE?) was mainly seen and some FUTASUJI's hatch. 

19:05  2nd one was also YAMAME, good size by KUSHIGE para

19:20  Last fish today by same small parachute.
After this fish, there were many crazy rises in very short time there. I couldn't got them...  Need to go there again soon to identify them.

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